Divorced, Widowed, or Out of A Job

Way too overwhelmed to sort through all the well-meaning advice.

You’re not too sure about anything these days.  You find yourself breaking into tears because somebody asked you how you were doing.  You’re finding it very difficult to stay focused on anything because your mind feels like its pea soup.  No, you’re not having hot flashes (well, maybe you are), you’re thinking of how you can get yourself out of this state of constant confusion and weighing the advice of your children, their spouses, your husband’s financial planner, your lawyer, your siblings.  They all mean well, but you can’t explain how hard it is just to take a deep breath and get one foot in front of the other.

Client Centered

I have seen it so many times with my clients who are widowed, divorced or faced sudden job loss.  My advice:  let a disinterested third party (like me) take that off your shoulders.  Let them know there is a professional who is handling your personal finances with your support and trust and take that deep breath.  

There is no overnight fix for this.  It is a process that will tear you up and spit you out, but I do know for sure, you will come out of it.  And in no case, have I ever seen a woman I’ve worked with have any regrets for the well-reasoned choices she made once she stepped back and looked at all sides.  It was not easy for anyone.  But having a partner to walk along side of you to help you find harmony with your emotions and your financial situation is not in the curriculum for the training most financial planners get. It comes from my commitment to wanting a woman like you find some peace of mind.

Please take a chance and give me a few minutes to get to know you.

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