Have you ever wondered:

  • Will I have enough money for retirement, or, will I end up a bag lady?
  • If I lose my job, should I use up my 401K until I get a new job?
  • What can I do when a family member tells me they’ll “handle” my finances and I don’t think they know what they’re doing?
  • How can I manage if Mom needs to come live with me?
  • How can I manage if my kids are out of work, lose their home, and ask me for money I can’t afford to give them?
  • How would I survive if I had to go through a divorce?

If any of the above keeps you up at night, you’re in the right place.

Lynn S. Evans, CFP®, has dealt with hundreds of smart, talented women who were a whiz at work but “clueless” (their word) when it came to money. In this fascinating book, she takes you by the hand and talks you through financial issues every woman of a certain age needs to address. Includes real-life examples of women just like you who often didn’t know what to do—or who to turn to—when it came to making major decisions. You’ll learn how to:

  • create a life in retirement that takes the worry out of outliving your money
  • protect your financial future and security when facing divorce
  • take charge of your money before disaster strikes—whether that’s illness, widowhood, job loss or bankrupt children

This book offers a unique approach by showing you how to get control of your finances and develop a happy, healthy relationship with your money. Read it and reap.