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Way too committed to career success to stress about your own financial security.

So you’ve made it to the top.  Nice job!  Congrats!

Now what?  Do you retire on the high note?  Or stay until you feel you have enough in personal resources to replicate your current lifestyle?  Maybe you can do that now; or wait a few years.  Is it inertia or fear of cutting the cord too early that makes you stay in your current position? Or is it losing your stature in the world as C-Suite Wonder Woman?  Can you be happy being ordinary? What is the next step for you, a vibrant, intelligent, competent leader?  You can’t just go into obscurity and become Ms. Anybody. 

Client Centered

I can help you find the sweet spot between having the security of knowing what your personal financial situation looks like now and deciding if now is the time to retire to something else.  Having something to retire to, instead of retiring from, will put a whole new perspective on that decision.  Let’s get it on paper and see what it looks like.  Maybe you can find a new career that’s been suppressed for all these years while you’ve been climbing the ladder. Now you have the time to look at other opportunities. 

Like to try your hand at entrepreneurship?  Develop a few side gigs that can turn into something fulfilling and generate income?  Its not just a number that tells the whole story.  It’s the life you create that makes it so compelling you can’t wait to jump out of bed every day.  Yeah, that good!

Please take a chance and give me a few minutes to get to know you.  

No commitment to anything but a few minutes of your time.  Use the link below to find a time on your calendar that works with mine.  Invest 15 minutes to find out if I can help you.

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