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Way too committed to your patients to worry about your personal finances.

It happens so many times:  you are an active health care provider and a full-time mother and daughter.  How do you split your time among all these responsibilities and then add managing your personal finances to that??

You know that everyone thinks you are rich because you are a doctor, but no one knows how much personal and student debt you took on to make it all happen.  And then there are those “dumb doctor deals” you thought were the answer to your investing dilemma.  Didn’t happen as you expected it to.

But when are you supposed to find the time to learn all about money?  Or better yet, who should you trust to teach you?  Just because you have an MD or DO after your name, you know you are a prime target for the unscrupulous and you’ve already been burned.

Client Centered

I learned early in my career that women are targets for much more than lame investment advice. The type that serves the purveyor of the advice and not the person they supposedly serve.  That offended me.  That’s why my fee-only financial planning advice keeps us both on the same side of the table.  My advice is geared to solving problems and not to getting the highest return on your money.  It would be nice if both happened at the same time, but the first is more important.

Like getting your retirement picture clear (maybe earlier than you thought?).

Like knowing what part of your employment package makes the most sense for you.

Like helping you select the best portfolio choices for your 401k or 403b plan.

Please take a chance and give me a few minutes to get to know you. 

No commitment to anything but a few minutes of your time. Use the link below to find a time on your calendar that works with mine. Invest 15 minutes to find out if I can help you.

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